We're Invited!

I had to record this right away while it is still fresh in my mind. We just recieved a card in the mail from a member of our ward welcoming us. It was very sweet. However, Logan insisted that it was an invitation to his birthday party. (I was trying to get him to make invitations today). It read something like this "This is for my party. You can come and Michael and me will come too. You can drive there at the Rowley's house. We will go far away because it is far away." I wish I could remember every word. I know I left out a lot, but it was so ammusing to listen as he ran his fingers across the words as he "read."


Today wasn't the most productive day for me. It wasn't the least productive either. I think that as I get better at actually doing things (mostly house work), I need to do more in order to feel accomplished. I suspected that would happen and I am glad that it is happening. That is one reason I started posting again. If I record things that I have accomplished, I will know that I haven't done nothing.

Logan news:
We are pretty sure that Logan says "cat." I have heard it a few times before and figured that he is just making the sounds and not meaning to say the word, but today he said it as Max walked by. Then I started to think back and I think that there has been a cat near by most of the times I have heard it.

Today's accomplishment:
The dishes got done and laundry got put away.

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So, it's been a little while since I've posted anything... I was recently thinking that it would be a good idea to start posting again. I want to keep a journal, and I figure it doesn't hurt to allow people to read it because they can validate my feelings, give me advice, or correct my misconceptions.

Today's big news:
Two weeks ago Jonathon set an alarm on his phone for 7:25 every morning. The alarm means that it is time for family prayer. This morning when it went off Logan looked at the phone, looked at me, and folded his arms!!! I almost cried. We have never taught him directly to fold his arms. We have only taught him by example. I figured that when he started responding to verbal requests we could ask him to do it, but he did it today!
It is so exciting when he shows us that he really does know what is going on.

Today's biggest accomplishment:
I drug myself to the store to buy more baby food.

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So last night i got a text saying a bunch of people were gong to go bowling and i was all excited cause it meant i had something to do, but then i got another text saying that they changed their minds and were going to go see disturbia. no thanks. so i was sad, but i called a bunch of other people so we could watch spiderman 2 at my house cause i haven't seen it yet and i am going to go to the midnight showing of the third one. only one person could come but it was still fun. we went to baskin robbins too. baskin robbins is my favorite. the end.

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a harry potter theme. i should definitely go to hogwarts

thats silly. how can you make out with two boys at once?

Caught making out at Hogwarts? by jeansmx
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he's hot
Who is YOUR Harry Potter Husband? by marfydancer
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Day He Proposes:January 12, 2014
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Where You Marry:Under the Weeping Willow
Number of Kids:5
Husband:Oliver Wood
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crucio is illegal
Your entire Harry Potter Hogwarts Life!!! by Kamerella
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Your favorite teacherKettleburn(Old Care of M.C's teacher)
Your Quidditch Rank and Your HouseSeeker/Hufflepuff
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i can drive!!! i drove to jenny's house and home from church and i didnt die either time. but i did get honked at for not turning on red but thats because i thought traffic was coming but i was wrong but at least i can drive. im proud of myself. everyone who can needs to go to the dance on saturday because i am getting sick of having no one to dance with. its not like anyone asks me to dance anyway but at least i could ask some people i know to dance rather than strangers.
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